The innovative development of the region is directly associated with the work on the formation of an innovative environment which is designed to create favorable conditions for the reproduction of the continuous innovation process with the positive dynamics of development. An integral part of the process of the innovative activity mechanism formation in the region is the creation of the innovation infrastructure. However, this is a labour-intensive, multiple-option and time consuming task. Therefore, a preliminary work to build, support and develop a number of key elements of the regional innovation system is necessary. The article deals with the study of the innovation activity of Belgorod Region; it analyzes the organizations carrying out research and development, the number of personnel engaged in research and development, internal expenditure on research and development in different sectors, advanced manufacturing technologies used according to the period of their use, higher education institutions, the number of students enrolled in educational institutions of higher education, internal expenditure on research and development according to the sources of funding. This analysis provides information on the results of the operation of the region to determine the direction of its innovative development.

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