The successful development of the territory is provided not only by recreational and tourist potential, but, to a greater degree, by a facilitated flow of tourist traffic. Therefore, the main question is how and by what means to adapt the recreational potential of the territory for the effective tourism use and thus to provide a stable tourist flow. In other words, how to convert the recreational potential into the kinetics of tourist traffic. The orientation on the cluster approach in the organization of tourist and recreational space, economy of production and services will enable to determine the place and role of each unit of the cluster and thus to identify the ways of maximizing the competitiveness of all its participants. The successful development of the territory will require an alliance of scientists and experts at different levels. The development of the territory management, complex nature of services formation, connectivity and integration of socio-economic processes will inevitably lead to the need for the close and varied inter-sectoral cooperation, that will create the preconditions for the development of tourist and recreational space through the use of the cluster approaches. For further development of the territory, there will be a necessity for new management technologies, which should be consistently implemented into the regional strategies of developing competitive tourist and recreational clusters. The use of cluster technology in the territorial organization of tourist and recreational space will enable not only to create an optimal, simplified and effective system of access to financial (investment) resources for its members and partners, but will also contribute to the realization of possibilities of sustainable, not inertial development of the territory.

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