Aslan R. Kulov

Scientific degree: Doctor of Economic Sciences

Academic rank: Professor

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Organization: FSBI FNC All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics

Position: Chief Researcher

Scientific biography: 

Academic degree – Doctor of Economic Sciences, specialty 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management (economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries, complexes - agro-industrial complex and agriculture). Doctoral dissertation on "Investment Development of the Agrarian Economy of Russia" was defended in the Dissertation Council at the Russian Research Institute of Economics, Labor and Management in Agriculture, Moscow (2007)

Position – Chief Researcher of the Federal Research Center for Agrarian Economy and Social Development of Rural Areas - Russian Research Institute for Agricultural Economics.

Research interests: specialist in the field of investment, finance, innovation, government regulation and support, prices and pricing, entrepreneurship, interstate integration of the EAEU, BRICS countries.

Main scientific results:

- substantiation of the investment market system focused on servicing directly agricultural producers of various forms of ownership and management;

- substantiation of the mechanism for the distribution of differential rent I in order to equalize the economic conditions for investment in agriculture in various constituent entities of the Russian Federation;

- development of scientifically grounded provisions on the formation of the Russian state system of investments in agricultural production, its implementation on the basis of the model of institutional transformations of the investment market, focused on servicing the agricultural producer;

- substantiation of the mechanism for attracting private investment in the mortgage lending system being formed in the country through the use of tools to stimulate investment (regulation of interest rates on bond yields, compensation payments, etc.) in debt obligations.

Scientific status: 

- author of more than 120 publications (RISC Hirsch index: 12);

- Member of the Economic Council under the Head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania;

- Member of the editorial board of the Economics, Labor, Management in Agriculture Journal;

- Member of the Dissertation Council D 006.031.01 at the Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics.

SPIN-code RISC: 4540-5864.

Major works:

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