DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2020-6-3-0-4

Methodological approaches and practical aspects of diagnosing the level of innovative activityin the hotel business

The paper examines the theoretical and practical aspects of the formation of an effec-tive management system for the innovative activity of hospitality businesses. In the context of the research, the author substantiates the relevance of managing the intensi-ty of innovation processes in the hotel business. The author proposes the use of certain methodological toolsfor assessing the level of innovative activity. The adaptation of the proposed methodology will make it possible to compare the innovative activity of both individual organizations in the hospitality sector, as well as national industries based on the criterion of comparability. In the article, innovation activity is considered as the main criterion for assessing the level of development of innovative activity of hotel businesses. Based on the foregoing, the essence of the category of innovative ac-tivityis comprehensively disclosed on the basis of generalization of various scientific positions. The coefficient of innovative activity is a qualimetric expression of the level of innovation activity of a hotel business enterprise. The dynamics of the coefficient of innovative activity investigated by the author over eight years made it possible to iden-tify the main trends and patterns of its development. In the short term, the expansion of the information base for carrying out calculations will make it possible to assess the full depth of the negative impact of the consequences of COVID-19 on the commercial efficiency of the hotel business in general and the level of their innovative activity in particular. In the materials of the publication, the author assesses the correlation be-tween innovation activity and the commercial efficiency of the functioning of hospital-ity businesses. The results of econometric modeling make it possible to assert the ex-istence of a close relationship between these criteria, that is, an increase in the com-mercial efficiency of the functioning of a hotel business enterprise contributes to an increase in the level of their innovativeactivity.

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