DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2021-7-4-0-5

The role of personnel policy in determining the strategic direction of the organization

The system and methods of personnel work must be periodically updated due to changes in the conditions of the internal and external environments of the organization, to ensure the necessary conditions for the formation and functioning of a capable labor team. And at this point in time, a favorable atmosphere for the very changes, updates and adjustments in working with staff. This scientific work presents the types of personnel policy and the corresponding typologies of the organization's strategies. Key indicators of personnel policy and requirements for its formation taking into account the selected strategic direction in the management of the organization.

To date, the office work and the entire personnel direction in the management of the organization have undergone significant changes, especially after the epidemiological situation with COVID-19. And not every company has been able to adapt under the pressure of a constantly changing environment. And in such a situation, the management of enterprises needs not only to properly ensure the efficiency of the labor process and make adjustments to the personnel policy, but also to have an idea about the future of their product or service – the strategy of the organization.

The purpose of the work is to identify the relationship between the personnel policy of the organization and the choice of the strategic direction of the company's movement.

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