DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2021-7-4-0-6

Assessment of the competitiveness of JSC “Pinsk Meat Processing Plant

The article discusses the competitiveness of the products of the regional enterprise JSC "Pinsk Meat Processing Plant". The preferences of consumers of the products of Pinsk Meat Processing Plant were analyzed. We also analyzed the factors that have a primary influence on the choice of buyers of sausage products Pinsk Meat Processing Plant. The choice of 26.4% of respondents is primarily influenced by the taste and naturalness of the product. The evaluation of sausages produced by JSC "Pinsk Meat Processing Plant" was made. 64 respondents (44.4%) believe that the sausages produced by JSC “Pinsk Meat Processing Plant” satisfy the demand of the population and form a certain competition with other products. An assessment was made of the competitive advantages of Pinsk Meat Processing Plant. The most significant competitive advantage was determined by the level of sales. Comparative analysis of JSC “Pinskiy Meat Processing Plant”, private unitary enterprise “Starodorozhsky Koopprom”, JSC “Glubokoye Meat Processing Plant” revealed the competitive advantages of the enterprise in question. With the help of the compiled SWOT-matrix, the development strategies of JSC "Pinsk Meat Processing Plant" were presented, taking into account the competitive advantages of the enterprise, the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise were identified. Deterministic factor analysis made it possible to identify the factors influencing the productive indicator of the enterprise – the profitability of sales in terms of gross profit. The carried-out correlation analysis revealed the factors of the macroenvironment and microenvironment that have an impact on the activities of the organization. It was possible to establish a relationship between the profitability of sales and the number of food industry organizations, the duration of inventory turnover and the volume of products produced per employee. 

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