DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2022-8-2-0-11

Trends in the banking industry in the era of digital technology development

The intensive development and spread of digital technologies have a significant impact on the financial market. More and more commercial banks are striving to move to traditional and digital banking, thereby meeting the financial and non-financial needs of customers and reducing their costs and increasing efficiency. The purpose of the study is to identify, systematize and generalize key trends in the development of the banking sector in the era of digital technology development based on an assessment of the most promising technological and platform solutions. The object of the study was the performance indicators and technologies of the banking sector. In the course of the study, general scientific, analytical, statistical graphical methods, as well as methods of expert assessments were used.

The author highlights the essence of the ongoing changes and technological solutions in the banking sector of Russia, highlights the main trends in the development of the banking business, analyzes their state, and possible ways to accelerate the digital transformation of the banking industry. Particular attention is paid to state regulation of the processes of digitalization of the banking sector. The authors conclude that the main development drivers are both platform and technological solutions: big data, open API, remote authentication, ecosystems, as well as projects of the Bank of Russia: masterplace, masterchain, digital ruble

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