DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2022-8-2-0-8

Income and consumer spending of households in Russia

Household finances, their dynamics and structure are a good indicator of the ongoing changes in the national economy of the country. During the last 30 years of the post-Soviet period, significant political, economic, and socio-cultural changes have taken place in Russia. This period is characterized by significant instability of the economic situation. The era of change is still going on under the influence of both external and internal factors. There is a need to analyze the impact of individual changes on the standard of living of the population. This article presents an analysis of household income and consumer spending for the period from 1995 to 2019, which allows us to determine the trends in the development of the financial and economic system of Russia. The purpose of the article is also to identify problems that hinder the growth of the welfare of the population and to determine trends in the structure of household income and expenditure in the context of Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

The analysis determines various factors of influence on the finances of the population, on the basis of which it is possible to build a certain basis for forecasting the development of the financial and economic system of the country in the future, taking into account changes, including the political situation. Despite the presence of a number of problems, in general, the analysis of household finances reflects the stable growth of the Russian economy. The findings of the study make it possible to understand in general the main changes in the structure of household income and expenditure and their relationship with the economic development of the country. The study was conducted on the basis of official statistical data of Rosstat, analysis of materials and works of other authors engaged in scientific activities in this area.

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