DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2022-8-3-0-9

Corporate social responsibility program: the concept and stages of formation

In the context of sanctions, large Russian enterprises need to pay special attention to solving the social problems of employees and the local community. Enterprise managers understand that not only the business process of production or sales activity affects the level of profits. For this purpose a program of social corporate responsibility of an enterprise is being developed, which allows to build certain relations with business partners, regional mass media, authorities and consumers. One of the factors of investment attractiveness of the enterprise is application of corporate management.

The concept of «corporate social responsibility» is the social obligations of the enterprise, which go beyond the economic obligations. They include obligations of the enterprise to the population, issues of benevolence, social investments, justice, satisfaction of interests.

Development of the program of social corporate responsibility assumes the success of the enterprise due to the positive image, stable relations with state and municipal services. There is an opportunity for the organization to enter new markets, as all structures perceive corporate social responsibility as one of the main tools for the development of the organization. Consequently, the research issue is relevant.

The article presents the analysis of scientists' opinions on the concept of «social corporate responsibility». Particular attention is paid to the objects, structure and elements of the corporate social responsibility program. The stages of formation of the program on the example of an existing large enterprise of the Omsk region are considered. The author substantiates the reasons for the importance of implementing corporate social responsibility as one of the tools aimed at improving the level of competitiveness and business development. 

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