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Volume 7, Issue №2, 2021 PDF

New innovative guidelines for the Chinese economy by 2035

The planning of the Chinese economy remains a key instrument of China’s public administration of economic development, even despite the formation of its market component. The article presents the ...
Branch and regional economy

Features of the northern regions’
development based on the use of alternative energy

In recent years, both globally and in Russia, the transition from traditional to renewable energy has become increasingly relevant, due to the increasing role of sustainable development and green ...

Financial statements of the organization
 as a tool for attracting investments
in the fixed capital of economic entities

The article presents the essence and methodology of drawing up financial statements, which is currently one of the main tools for attracting investments in fixed assets of an economic ...

Assessment of competitiveness of the company's products (on the example of OAO "Gorynsk Agrokombinat")

Many modern enterprises, actively participating in international economic processes, have to master market methods of work, implement modern mechanisms of competitiveness management. The development of foreign economic relations puts ...

Mechanisms for the development of credit relations of commercial banks with small
and medium-sized businesses

 In modern conditions, one of the urgent tasks facing the domestic banking system is to increase the volume of lending to small and medium-sized businesses. This problem can be ...

Assessment of the efficiency of the use of the regional budget of the Belgorod region

The effective development of the region is a fundamental task of local authorities. At the present stage, there are many approaches for its implementation, one of which is a ...

The role and place of the state integrated information system "Electronic Budget" in the program budgeting of the region 

One of the main issues of state development is the effective use of state financial resources, therefore, the need to create conditions for ensuring the effective functioning of public ...

Liquidity risk analysis at financial banking institutions

In this article, we demonstrate the necessity of measuring bank liquidity risk. Liquidity risk is very important. The ability to initiate financial operations and to complete them in the ...