DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2018-4-4-0-1

Issues of development of the concept of marketing of the trade center in modern conditions

Subject of study. The article assesses the current state of the retail real estate market and on this basis justifies the need to develop an effective marketing concept for the shopping center; describes the elements of this concept and lists the stages of the formation of this concept, indicating the tasks to be accomplished and key partners. Particular attention is paid to the positioning of the shopping center, in particular, the creation of a brand and the development of a complex of marketing communications.

The aim of the research is to develop the methodological foundations for the formation of the concept of marketing for shopping centers and to develop practical recommendations for the implementation of each stage of the development of this concept.

Methodology. Within the framework of the research conducted by the authors: statistical data on the state of the Russian retail real estate market and trends in the development of shopping centers in modern conditions were analyzed; based on the synthesis of domestic and foreign experience, the factors determining the successful functioning of shopping centers are systematized, and also the stages of the development of the concept of marketing of shopping centers, the realization of which ensures an increase in their revenues.

Results. In the course of the study, the authors obtained the following results: the modern spectrum of components of the successful marketing concept of the shopping center was identified; the stages of development of such a concept are defined and described; formulated the main provisions of the positioning of the shopping center.

The conclusion. The choice of the concept of marketing for the successful operation of the shopping center is a priority. Particularly clearly the importance of the concept is manifested in the current crisis time. The recommendations formulated in the article are aimed at marketers practicing in the field of commercial real estate.

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