DOI: 10.18413/2409-1634-2020-6-4-0-3

State Regulation at Formation of the Digital Economy
in the Republic of Belarus

The article considers some aspects of state regulation of the economy in the period of digital transformation. The role of the state as a regulator, which improves the conditions for productivity and thus reduces costs, is significant. The use of new technologies under the patronage of the state in socially significant areas will not only improve economic indicators, but will also stimulate the quality and life expectancy of the population, will increase the level of medical care, and in general will stimulate the development of scientific and technological progress.

The following methods were used in the study: of aggregation, modeling and quantitative analysis. The study of applied and theoretical research of domestic and foreign scientific works revealed a number of problems and areas of interaction between the state and business entities in the formation of the digital economy.

The main conclusion of the work is that changes and transformation processes in the economy are impossible without regulation and proper control by the government, and for this it is necessary to simultaneously ensure the digitalization of society, business and the state.

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