It is important to balance the economic, social and environmental components in the socio-economic development of regions. Effective use of the recreational potential of the territory in order to promote domestic tourism and recreation of the population, and to ensure the flow of inbound tourism is one of the pillars of sustainable socio-economic development of regions. A sufficient number of tourist and recreational resources on the territory is not yet a guarantee for the formation of a stable tourist flow. The recreational potential of the territory should be adapted for the efficient tourist and recreational use and thus ensure stable tourist flow. Areas where this problem has been successfully implemented, have become a tourist destinations. They are characterized in addition to the main features by the so-called «tourist attractions» providing an attractive area for the purposes of tourism. The task of accelerated socio-economic development of the region, which requires an alliance of scientists and experts at different levels is to be solved by the Donetsk People's Republic. The broken old business relationships and the need to build new ones, search for economically promising areas of development make it reasonable to find out the hidden reserves and the effective use of the region economic potential. New management techniques will be required for the further development of the region. They should be organically incorporated into the regional strategies to build up competitive industries and business activities. Strategy for the effective use of the Donetsk People's Republic tourism potential should be part of a balanced mechanism for accelerated rather than the inertial region’s social and economic development. Its implementation will create the optimum tourist and recreational region's system.

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