Research result. Economic Research

Volume 7, Issue №1, 2021 PDF

Prospects for the development of electronic banking services in Russia

That the intensification of innovative processes in the modern economy and in the banking sector in particular, as one of the areas most sensitive to innovation, has led ...

Economic content of the functioning and development
of the land relations market in the Kyrgyz republic

The article examines the economic content of land relations in the Kyrgyz Republic, the conditions of their functioning and development, and clarifies their theoretical and practical provisions. The results ...

Digitalization: the essence and role in the development of the country's economy

An information breakthrough at the beginning of the 21st century marked the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of the economy and public life. The improvement of portable ...

Digital technological solutions – an important factor
in the development of the national economy
of the republic of Uzbekistan

This article shows that the digital transformation of the world economic system is inconceivable without the effective use of digital technological solutions in the activities of economic objects. As ...
Branch and regional economy

Economic and statistical analysis of the practice
of setting goals for joint-stock companies
 in the context of sustainable regional development

The initial data of the study were the charters and accounting reports of 4463 joint-stock companies registered in 54 regions of Russia as of 2015. The theoretical basis of ...

Competitiveness of human resources in the oil
and gas industry

This article is devoted to the study of the features and problems of retaining young specialists in the oil and gas sector. The article discusses the main problems ...

Problems of the formation and functioning
of the organizational and economic mechanism
of ensuring the economic security of the region

The article discusses some approaches to improving the efficiency of the regional management system in the direction of increasing the level of economic security. A theoretical concept of the ...

Geodata mining – a technology of intellectual analysis
of spatial data 

The article examines the features of spatial data processing and their role in the formation of strategic guidelines for planning a company opening. It is proposed to use the ...

Development of the financial technology market:
foreign experience and russian practice

The continuous process of qualitative structural changes taking place in the financial system as a result of digital modernization has led to a significant reassessment of economic values based ...

Sustainability of the pension system as one of the key parameters of socio-economic development in various countries of the world

In the Russian Federation, along with various countries of the world, transformational processes are taking place, which are reflected in the implementation of practices for clarifying and improving pension ...