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Volume 4, Issue №2, 2018 PDF

The Agricultural development in Bulgaria, EU New Member States and The Kursk-Belgorod-Voronezh Russian Regions: A Comparison

The goal of the article is to compare agricultural development in Bulgaria, EU New member states (EU-13) and Kursk-Belgorod-Voronezh Russian Regions (KBV Region) between the period of 2003 and ...

Structural-dynamic analysis of foreign trade activities of Uzbekistan and the intensity of the Russian-Uzbek trade relations

The article describes the main trends in the development of foreign trade of Uzbekistan (export and import). The geographical structure of export and import of goods and services is given, ...
Branch and regional economy

Organization of support of agricultural production in market conditions

The role of the agro-industrial sector of the Kyrgyz economy in ensuring the food security of the country, the problems of identifying the internal reserves of production, the direction ...

The effectiveness of the accounting as a quality criteria for a cultural organization's activity

The article discusses the theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation of the accounting system, able to meet modern requirements for assessing the effectiveness of the organizations culture. Basic ...

Evaluation the activities of the commercial banks of the Russian federation based on the camels model

The banking sector plays an important role not only in the economic, but also in social life of the country, since it is the main element of confidence’s evidence ...

The interbudgetary relations and the principles of their organization in the Russian Federation

In article theoretical questions of essence of the interbudgetary relations and the principles of their organization are considered. The budget of the Belgorod region for 2018 is analysed, the ...