Research result. Economic Research

Volume 6, Issue №2, 2020 PDF

Prospects for the development
of key fintech segments in Russia

The article discusses the development prospects of key segments of fintech in Russia, including payments and transfers, financing, insurance, and money management. It was revealed that for the period ...

The development of innovative processes and their impact
on the quality of the workforce

The article discusses the development of innovative processes in Uzbekistan, the formation of the labor market and employment in the innovation period, the state of innovation in the country, ...
Branch and regional economy

Agglomeration association of industrial production
at the regional level

The development of regional management processes follows the trajectory of agglomeration transformations, since this direction allows not only to increase productivity in the territorial management system, but also to ...

Creation of multi-functional sites in district centers
to attract medium and small businesses for the purpose
of social and economic development

This material presents a hypothesis about the possibility of developing "district centers" and "urban-type settlements" by creating multifunctional sites (that is, the construction of an integrated commercial production facility) ...

Trends in the vegetable oil market

Within the framework of the article, the current state and trends in the development of the plant oils market of the Russian Federation are investigated. The dependence of the ...

Trends and patterns of the banking sector digitalization

Due to a number of negative events for the Russian economy, the process of digitalization and implementation of financial technology (fintech) may become the main competitive advantages to determine ...

About some issues of emission activity of commercial banks

Banking operations with securities are quite diverse. The bank can issue, buy, sell and store them. When performing many banking operations, the issues of using securities are raised to ...